Easy Clouds Services

Reduce costs With no need to make upfront investments in hardware or software, cloud computing with cloud360 is a great way to maximise your resources while reducing costs. No licence fees cloud360 is free to use, reuse and redistribute without charge. No licence restrictions mean you can expand your IT systems without the expense of acquiring additional licences.you just pay one time support fee. Pay for what you use Many business are choosing cloud360 to deploy their public cloud so they can ensure that they only pay for the computing power they need. When you choose the public cloud option, you don’t need to worry about hardware maintenance, depreciation and capital costs. You can concentrate on development and innovation. Optimise resources Every business goes through periods of change and growth. With cloud360, there’s no reason to be punished for your success. You can meet changing requirements without having to make huge upfront investments. With Enterprise cloud360 , you can build a low-cost, industry-leading cloud that helps you make the most of your existing hardware. cloud360 helps you cut down on the number of physical servers you need to purchase, house and maintain so you can boost IT efficiency across your organisation.